Team Members

Dr. Subodh Jindal
1967 An alumunus of IIT Delhi, Dr Jindal has been a path breaking entrepeneur in the Food Industry. His Brand Kayti is well known for its high quality and hygiene standards. Dr. Jindal was the President of the association till 2016 and continues to provide his able guidance to us.
Dr. Siddarth Ramji
1973 Dr. Ramji is a highly acclaimed Neonatologist from Maulana Azad Medical College. He is currently holding a Dual charge of Dean, MAMC and Medical Supdtt., Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital. (LNJP). Dr. Ramji is the President of the Association and and has lent admirable support to the Association.
Sh. Kuldeep Pablay
1975 Kuldeep Pablay is an advocate by profession and was part of the founding group of Bhavanites who helped revive the Association.
Late Sh. B C Gurudatt
1976 Gurudatt was the driving force for the resurgence of Bhavanite association in 1996. Gurudatt is missed and missed badly in the activities of the association.
Sh. Rakesh Jain
1976 Rakesh has held the position of Treasurer of the Association since inception. Rakesh is responsible for keeping the financial health of the association in sound condition. Rakesh is also a key member of board of governers of Jain School in Connaught Place.
Sh. Shyam Banerjee
1977 Shyam is well known and popular Bhavanite across many batches. Shyam continues to be a strong support for the activities of the association. Shyam is a Free Lance Media Professional and is actively involved with the Chinmaya Movement.
Sh. Surinder Sangha
1979 Sangha was responsible for getting his Gurudatt to the activities of the association. He again has been part of the founding group. Sangha runs his Travel Business.
Sh. Manish Ahuja
1984 Manish is the current Secretary of the association. He has been active member of the association since 1998. Manish was one of the key members of the 1984 batch which organised the first Silver Jubilee Reunion. Manish is an Architect by profession and runs his own practice.
Sh. Gaurav Gulati
1984 Gaurav is omnipresent in all Bhavanite activities. He has been part of the core group since 1998 and is ready to take any responsibility bestowed on him. Gaurav is a Central Govt. Civil Servant and works for Lok Sabha.
Ms. Neena Jain Malik
1985 Neena is a late entrant to the activities of the association but has shown a lot of enthusiasm in the responsibilities bestowed on her. A chartered Accountant professional who has experience in the IT Industry Neena is helping the association in filing IT returns and formation of the Website.
Ms Parinita Arora Sengupta
1986 Parinita is a Bhavanite, Daughter of a Bhavan Teacher ( Mrs Sudesh Arora) and a currently a teacher at the School. She is the link between the school and the association. Parinita is our contact for the school and helps us with all logistics associated with the school.
Sh. Sandeep Talwar
1986 Sandeep is a corporate leader and a chartered accountant by qualification. Sandeep helped the association in chartering the Memorandum and articles of Association od its registration with the Registrar of societies.
Sh. Yogesh Negi 1997 Yogesh has been active with the association activities espacially with the ones related to sports. Yogesh has helped organise many matches between the Alumunus and the school.
Name Year
Ms. Anita Wanchoo Chowdhry 1974
Ms. Sudha Ramananda 1974
Ms.Urmil Angrish 1974
Sh. Pankaj Saxena 1976
Sh. Dinesh Jain 1976
Sh. Kirti Uppal 1976
Ms. Sonia Sareen 1976
Sh. Sanjay Diwan 1976
Sh. Sanjay Gupta 1977
Mrs. Gauri Tiwari Awasthi 1981
Mrs. Jaya Puri 1983
Ms Asha Gurudatt 1983
Sh. Dinkar Marla 1984
Ms. Devyani Thakkar Kantawala 1984
Sh. Sandeep Sharma 1985
Ms. Payal Bhutani Chopra 1985
Ms Anjali Khanna 1985
Sh. Pankaj Sethi 1986
Dr. Nidhi Dhawan 1987
Sh. Manmath Raut 1987
Sh. Mudit Jain 1987
Sh. Gaurav Mishra 1988
Sh. Divya Sharma 1988
Sh. Shalin Khanna 1989
Sh. Vishal Mathur 1990
Dr. Shalini Tiwari 1990
Sh. Manoj Sehgal 1990
Sh. Tumul Bharadwaj 1990
Sh. Byas Anand 1991
Sh. Amit Rohatgi 1991
Sh. Sharad Raj 1991
Sh. Gagandeep Juneja 1992
Sh. Manish Gupta 1992
Sh. Rakesh Shukla 1992
Sh. Bhim Negi  
Ms Garima Sharma